NY Green Bank’s innovative business model increases the availability of capital for projects deploying proven clean energy technologies across New York State through:

  1. Leveraging private sector capital to support and expand clean energy financing markets;
  2. Animating and growing capital markets reducing the need for government support; and
  3. Motivating faster and more extensive deployment of clean energy assets, contributing to economic development, greater energy choices, reduced environmental impacts and more green energy advantages for every public dollar spent.

Unleashing the Power of Private Sector Energy Financing

A flexible and dynamic approach to clean energy financing can reduce the need for government support and create new value for businesses, investors, customers and communities. NY Green Bank accomplishes this by helping to identify and alleviate existing market gaps and barriers, motivating greater private sector activity and supporting a more robust marketplace.

Working with clients and other funding providers where both the capital and institutional capabilities of private market actors are being mobilized, NY Green Bank’s wholesale investing approach is critical to operating at the evolving frontier of clean energy financing markets.

Unlike grant or incentive payments, NY Green Bank funds are invested at market rates, ensuring that the organization can cover its own costs, while preserving its capital base for continued deployment.