Public Materials

As a Division of NYSERDA, NY Green Bank is required to follow specific reporting requirements and processes. The sections below contain NY Green Bank’s public filings since inception, along with its recent Quarterly Report Webinar presentations.

Public Filings

Quarterly Metrics Reports

NY Green Bank files Quarterly Metrics Reports to highlight key activities and progress towards goals and targets.

Quarterly Report Review Webinars

Founding & Organizational Documents

NY Green Bank’s key founding publicly filed petitions and Public Service Commission orders can be found here.

Annual Business Plans

NY Green Bank issues an annual Business Plan, laying out key priorities and objectives for the coming fiscal year. Since 2020, NY Green Bank has issued a complimentary Impact Report, which highlights key achievements and impact activities from the previous year.

Annual Audited Financial Statements

NY Green Bank’s annual audited financial statements can be found here.

Annual Financial Metrics Reports

Metrics Reporting & Evaluation

NYSERDA Reporting