Investment Strategy

Making capital work for the climate and our communities

Implementing the clean energy solutions needed to meet New York State’s ambitious climate goals requires significant financing. NY Green Bank rises to that challenge, committing over $2 billion across clean energy technologies, sustainable infrastructure, and environmental equity solutions since inception.

NY Green Bank does not interfere in sustainable infrastructure sectors where the market is operating effectively, rather we direct our funds towards filling market gaps where private investment is lacking. Utilizing best-in-class underwriting practices, infrastructure and evaluation methodologies, NY Green Bank expands financing markets by operating where there is limited competition, low technology risk, and high liquidity premiums and demonstrating a viable track record for other lenders.

Investment Criteria

envisioning a wind future

To be a fit for NY Green Bank’s mandate, a transaction must:

  • Demonstrate potential for greenhouse gas reductions in support of New York State clean energy policies
  • Demonstrate how it contributes to scaling New York's clean energy marketplace
  • Be economically and technically feasible, and have expected financial returns such that NY Green Bank’s portfolio revenues will exceed operating costs and expected portfolio losses

Our borrowers often come to us having already achieved success in initial commercial deployment of their technology or service but their growth is constrained by a lack of widely available, appropriately priced financing — that’s where we step in.

Once NY Green Bank establishes a track record of successful financing — demonstrated through greater liquidity in specific market segments as a result of other lenders expanding their offerings, we then move into other viable areas to repeat our process.

If your project or business model contributes to large-scale greenhouse gas emissions reductions in New York State, we want to hear from you.

We take our role as prudent stewards of public capital very seriously, offering equal opportunity to any transaction proposer seeking NY Green Bank financing.