Investment Strategy

NY Green Bank is a globally recognized asset management organization, focused on sustainable infrastructure opportunities, and represents a new approach in the clean energy marketplace. Utilizing best-in-class practices, infrastructure and evaluation methodologies, NY Green Bank expands financing markets by operating where there is limited competition, low technology risk, and high liquidity premiums.

NY Green Bank works with entities already achieving success in clean energy, but whose progress is constrained by the lack of available financing.

Investment Criteria

NY Green Bank invests in projects that utilize eligible technologies and are consistent with its investment criteria:

  • Transactions will have expected financial returns such that revenues of NY Green Bank on a portfolio basis will exceed operating costs and expected portfolio losses – i.e., products are provided at market rates;
  • Contribution to financial market transformation (e.g., multiples of capital mobilized to fund total project costs and potential to drive the type of volume, including scalability and replicability, that can materially and sustainably expand markets); and
  • Transactions will have the potential for energy savings and/or clean energy generation that will contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions in support of New York’s clean energy policies.

Primary Evaluation Criteria

  • Credit, financial and risk/return considerations for the proposed transaction – overall as well as for NY Green Bank and other participants individually;
  • Expected NYS clean energy outcomes, including GHG reduction benefits; and
  • Participation by private sector financial entities, including through debt and/or equity financing or as the expected takeout of a NY Green Bank-sponsored warehouse credit facility at the agreed aggregation level.

Proposers of investments to NY Green Bank are encouraged to review the content and evaluation criteria laid out in our respective open solicitations.