Celebrating 10 Years of Financing a Greener Tomorrow

In the past 10 years we have committed $2 billion in capital and counting. To learn more, see below.

NY Green Bank: A Decade of Impact

2023 marks 10 years since NYGB was first established as the largest Green Bank in the nation

Since launching in 2013, NY Green Bank has become a leading provider of innovative clean energy and sustainable infrastructure financing solutions. As the largest Green Bank in the country, we have invested and reinvested our initial $1 billion capitalization to result in over $2 billion of capital commitments advancing New York’s green economy.

The projects that we finance not only help to define the path to a cleaner future, but they also carry benefits for New York State residents and businesses. In its first 10 years, NY Green Bank has made over 100 investments in support of projects located in every region of the State and across multiple technology segments including building decarbonization, clean energy, energy storage, sustainable transportation and other sustainable infrastructure. Simply put, NY Green Bank is the catalyst behind the financial investments making New York’s goal of a cleaner future, a reality.

10-year Highlights

To learn more about NY Green Bank or speak about specific investment opportunities, reach out to [email protected] or check back regularly for more examples on the impact we are making.