Open Solicitations

NY Green Bank seeks proposals and input from qualified parties for both investment opportunities and, from time to time, its procurement needs. All investment activities are driven by transactions proposed through open solicitations. Information on all current solicitations—including details on submission—is available on this page.

NY Green Bank’s primary investment proposal intake occurs through submissions to Request for Proposals (RFP) 1: Clean Energy Financing Arrangements (see all documents for RFP 1). RFP 1 is an ongoing solicitation open to proposers in connection with a range of clean energy projects and businesses. Designed to remain flexible in the roles it can play in any given transaction, RFP 1 seeks to help developers and financiers overcome transaction barriers to scalable and replicable clean energy projects.

In addition, there are other opportunities to work with NY Green Bank on specific types of investments and technologies. These RFPs are informed by NY Green Bank’s ongoing market experiences and interactions with private sector lenders, investors and project developers, while seeking to advance and expand clean energy financing markets.

Occasionally, NY Green Bank also procures qualified service providers for a variety of tasks. These solicitations will also be listed on this page.

As some NY Green Bank opportunities are now closed and others are ongoing, the solicitations below will not be in sequential order.

Investment Opportunities

RFP 1: Clean Energy Financing Arrangements

NY Green Bank invites private sector capital providers and other clean energy industry participants to propose transactions involving NY Green Bank that facilitate the financing of clean energy projects in New York State, consistent with its mandate, mission and priorities in addressing financing market gaps and barriers.

Due Date:  Continuous

See all documents for RFP 1.

RFP 7: Construction & Back-Leveraged Financing for Ground-Mounted Solar

NY Green Bank’s RFP 7 is targeted at developers of photovoltaic (PV) solar projects selling to commercial, industrial and other institutional organizations (C&I) in New York State which plan to utilize third-party tax equity and seek back-leveraged financing for projects that: (1) generate revenue by selling net metering credits (or eqivalents) to C&I power users under applicable laws, regulations or administrative proceedings; (2) use Tier-1 Technology; (3) are in the advanced stage of development; and (4) are ground-mounted, canopy-mounted and non-residential rooftop PV solar projects.

Due Date:  Continuous

See all documents for RFP 7.

RFP 8: Efficiency & Renewables Financing Arrangements: Building & Property Owners

NY Green Bank’s RFP 8 is targeted at commercial and multi-family building owners, relevant lenders and investors, and clean energy contractors/service providers focused on such properties, who seek to finance the purchase of energy efficiency and/or renewable energy assets.

Due Date:  Continuous

See all documents for RFP 8.

RFP 10: Financing for CDG Solar Projects Including Projects Paired with Energy Storage

NY Green Bank’s RFP 10 is targeted at developers and/or owners of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects that: (i) are in advanced stages of development; (ii) form part of the Community Distributed Generation Program; (iii) are compensated under the Value of Distributed Energy Resources Phase One Tariff; (iv) comply with all applicable provisions established under the Uniform Business Practices for Distributed Energy Resource Suppliers; (v) generate power using Tier 1 technology; (vi) earn revenue by selling volumetric or monetary credits to project members under revenue contracts; (vii) are 500 kWac to 5 MWac in size, ground-mounted, canopy-mounted or non-residential rooftop PV solar projects at a single location; and (viii) may be paired with an electrical energy storage component.

Due Date:  Continuous

See all documents for RFP 10.

RFP 13: Financing for Energy Storage Projects

NY Green Bank’s RFP 13 invites energy storage developers and other storage market participants targeting New York State energy storage projects, to propose transactions to NY Green Bank that contemplate the financing of the purchase and ownership of energy storage projects.

Due Date:  Continuous

See all documents for RFP 13.

RFP 18: Financing Arrangements for High-Performance Affordable Housing

NY Green Bank’s RFP 18 invites property owners and developers, energy service companies and equipment manufacturers, capital providers, and other market participants to submit proposals for NYGB investment in the construction or retrofit of multifamily affordable housing to high levels of energy performance in New York State.

Due Date:  Continuous

See all documents for RFP 18.

Service Provider Opportunities

NY Green Bank does not currently have any open service provider solicitations. Please connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated on future opportunities or bookmark this page.