Propose an Investment

NY Green Bank investment activities are driven by transactions proposed through its open solicitations and informed by ongoing assessments and conversations with private sector lenders, investors and project developers to determine where resources are best able to advance and expand clean energy financing markets.

NY Green Bank participates in transactions along with private capital through credit enhancement, aggregation, construction and term loans, and other structures.

Designed to remain flexible in the roles it can play in any given transaction, NY Green Bank actively seeks proposals for roles to help private sector developers and financiers overcome transaction barriers to foster scalable and replicable clean energy projects.

NY Green Bank invites proposals for investments with structured financing arrangements meeting its investment mandate and criteria. Additional information can be found on our Investment Strategy page.

Current Investment Solicitations

NY Green Bank’s primary investment proposal intake occurs through submissions made in response to Request for Proposals (RFP) 1: Clean Energy Financing Arrangements, an ongoing solicitation open to eligible proposers in connection with a broad range of clean energy projects and businesses.

In addition to its original, ongoing RFP, NY Green Bank has issued two additional targeted and specialized RFPs relating respectively to construction and back-leveraged financing for ground-mounted solar and efficiency and renewables financing for building and property owners.

See below for additional information on each of these opportunities:

RFP 1: Clean Energy Financing Arrangements

NY Green Bank invites private sector capital providers and other clean energy industry participants to propose transactions involving NY Green Bank that facilitate the financing of clean energy projects in New York State, consistent with its mandate, mission and priorities in addressing financing market gaps and barriers.

See all documents for RFP 1.

RFP 7: Construction & Back-Leveraged Financing for Ground-Mounted Solar

NY Green Bank’s RFP 7 is targeted at developers of photovoltaic (PV) solar projects selling to commercial, industrial and other institutional organizations (C&I) in New York State which plan to utilize third-party tax equity and seek back-leveraged financing for projects that: (1) generate revenue by selling net metering credits (or eqivalents) to C&I power users under applicable laws, regulations or administrative proceedings; (2) use Tier-1 Technology; (3) are in the advanced stage of development; and (4) are ground-mounted, canopy-mounted and non-residential rooftop PV solar projects.

See all documents for RFP 7.

RFP 8: Efficiency & Renewables Financing Arrangements: Building & Property Owners

NY Green Bank’s RFP 8 is targeted at commercial and multi-family building owners, relevant lenders and investors, and clean energy contractors/service providers focused on such properties, who seek to finance the purchase of energy efficiency and/or renewable energy assets.

See all documents for RFP 8.

RFP 9: Strategic Advisory & Capital Arranger Services

NY Green Bank seeks proposals from qualified firms to provide strategic advisory and third-party capital-raising services. These services will be related to NY Green Bank's plan to raise at least an additional $1 billion in third-party capital to expand the availability of financing for sustainable infrastructure projects in New York and nationwide.

Relevant Background Materials

See all documents for RFP 9.