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We are available to speak to market participants about investment ideas and our open solicitation invites proposals for financing arrangements and/or transactions meeting our investment mandate and criteria. We participate in transactions along with private capital through co-lending, credit enhancement, aggregation, and standardization structures to foster scalable and replicable clean energy projects and financial solutions.

Clean Energy Financing Arrangements

Request For Proposals:
We invite private sector capital providers and other clean energy industry participants to propose transactions involving NY Green Bank that facilitate the financing of clean energy projects in New York State, consistent with our mandate, mission and priorities in addressing financing market gaps and barriers. The parameters of specific eligible investments are set out in our Request for Proposals [PDF].

Eligible Proposers:
Our clients are entities achieving success in clean energy markets but whose success is limited by lack of availability of financing.

We participate in financing arrangements that support clean energy projects using proven technologies. We target projects using the technologies that drive the same public and carbon reduction benefits contemplated under existing New York State clean energy policies. NY Green Bank does not provide capital directly to companies to fund their general business operations or project (pre-construction phase) development.

Additionality: In constructing its portfolio, NY Green Bank includes consideration of scalable, mature renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies that are yet to be broadly deployed in commercial markets. NY Green Bank also takes into account whether the project or transaction would likely not otherwise happen in an efficient or scalable manner in commercial markets. NY Green Bank adopts a broad view in evaluating the additionality of qualifying investment opportunities. See investment criteria.

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Submitting Proposals

Submit Proposal Online

Electronic proposal submission is required. The RFP will remain open and proposals are evaluated on an ongoing basis. The purpose of an ongoing RFP process is to ensure all potential clients and partners have an opportunity to propose financing arrangements.

Please contact Amrita Patil at with any questions or issues regarding your submission.

If you have concerns regarding the SEC’s Municipal Advisor Rules, learn about NY Green Bank's Independent Registered Municipal Advisor.