RFP 1: Clean Energy Financing Arrangements

NY Green Bank invites private sector capital providers and other clean energy industry participants to propose partnership arrangements with NY Green Bank that would facilitate the financing of clean energy projects (including energy generation and energy savings projects) in New York State.

RFP 1 has been updated to reflect clarifications and improvements. While the overall substance of the RFP 1 objectives and requirements remains the same, all parties wishing to submit a proposal are advised to review the revised version of the solicitation documents to ensure that any proposal is responsive to the current version.

Associated Documents

Submitting Proposals

Submit Proposal Online

Electronic proposal submission is preferable. The RFP will remain open and proposals will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. The purpose of an ongoing RFP process is to ensure all potential partners have an opportunity to propose financing arrangements.

Additional Information

  • All submissions should answer the questions presented in the RFP.
  • All NY Green Bank transactions must include an additional third-party capital provider before finalized.
  • If an initiative can be financed solely by the private sector, the project will likely not qualify for NY Green Bank financing support.
  • NY Green Bank does not intend to make retail loans, although there may be exceptions for markets that have been particularly underserved.
  • NY Green Bank will not accept deposits and it does not intend to offer loans or financing directly to consumers.
  • NY Green Bank will work to deploy commercially proven technologies in areas of energy efficiency and clean energy generation. In that regard, please note NY Green Bank’s position as generally technology risk averse in its investment activities.
  • NY Green Bank will not accept credit and/or projects that will be unacceptable to the private financing markets even as those markets evolve to maturity. NY Green Bank will also not pursue one-off transactions without the ability to replicate.
  • We very much appreciate market enthusiasm for NY Green Bank and our efforts to support the clean energy industry across NYS. Recognizing the significant demand for NY Green Bank support and services, we ask that you kindly remain patient with us as we work diligently to respond to your individual questions and inquiries as expediently as possible. Please be sure to include a contact number so we know how to reach you.